If you are the users of the Kodi and want to skip the content with the help of the open load streaming authorization. Then you need to connect your device with the vev pair. Make sure that you should be connected with the internet. As we all know that the Kodi is the only platform which will provide you the high speed and the great liability. Now again, after the 4 hours, you need to pair with your device again.

Complete Procedure Of Vev.io/pair Kodi Blocking Steps

  • In the beginning, first of all, you need to Launch your TV shows which is your favorite and need to directly launch the vev io pair.
  • Now you need to visit the https://vev.Io/pair and need to click on the Activate Streaming option. As the authorization is needed just to play the video on the device of the Kodi.
  • Make sure that you must follow the proper instruction and in the web browser, you have to visit the address.
  • Just for the verification, you have to click on “you are not a robot” and “click on Activate Streaming” which you will get in the right-hand corner
  • Now you can enjoy the video as the video begins on the screen.

This is one of the best process to block vev.io stream authorization pop up in kodi. If you want to use other method then check out this website main page and follow step by step process.