These below questions asked by many of pair kodi users that’s why we decided to answer them in a single article. We answered almost all the questions still if you have any doubts then comment down we add that question with answers in this article.

1). Why Keep showing even after paired with link?

Ans: This happens when you not connect your pairing device and kodi using device same WiFi network. so, once connect to same WiFi network then try again.

2). Is there any best method to stop this vev pair pop on kodi?

Ans: Yes! the second method called “Hosters With Captchas” but the thing is you cant access vev io content if you use second method. I suggest you to use 1st method called stream authorization.

3). Is there any paid option to avoid this

Ans: Yes! there is one best solution called real debrid. once try for 1 month then you will never regret.

4). Is vev pair safe or should i stop pairing with their website?

Ans: Its safe when you use VPN and while pairing make sure to use ad blocker to block the ads and to know more check out this article.

5). Why vev io website not work sometimes?

Ans: It because your country blocked this website or they changed website address. That’s why we keep update working website link in this website and for solution visit this post.

6). Why we need to pair with every 4 hours to use their service

Ans: To avoid fake traffic and get some revenue from ads to provide better and more content to users