Just to fix the vev io pair on the firestick requires the proper process and the information. So that you can easily understand how actually you can fx the vev io pair on firestick without facing any kind of the problem. Well, without wasting time, let’s move forward and look at the simple procedure just fix the vev io on the firestick. As vev io is the particular server where the Kodi won’t allow any kind of the problem with the server like vev io pair safe or not etc. Hereby just using the silk browser you can simply fix this vev.io/pair in firestick.

  1. First of all you need to click on the firestick first.then you have to open the “App Store” of the amazon.
  2. After that, you need to search the “Silk Browser” and need to download it from the Amazon store.
  3. Once you have downloaded the silk browser, then you have to open the window and need to enter the address bar of the vev.io/pair.
  4. For the captcha verification, you need to “Fix The Captcha” by just checking the pictures.
  5. Now for the to press the “Active Streaming” just t complete the vev.io/pair and in this way, you can fix easily on the firestick.

Well, this the method through which you can fix the vev io pair on the firestick and let me tell you that if you are using the firestick for the Kodi device then definitely and also learn why https:///vev.io/pair Not Workingand how to fix, you have first installed the silk browser and need to connect with the mobile phone which is having the same network. But still, you have any type of question or the doubt in your mind then let us know by commenting below in the comment box. We will definitely help you to solve the issue every time.