Basically, what happens, vev io pair not working or showing the error while watching the movies and Tv shows on the Kodi. It just because of the change in the address of the website and they just want to secure the content of the website. So now you will get the information so that your vev io pair can definitely work.

You just need to fix the http:// to the stream authorization so that you almost problem will get solved and if you want to fix same problem in firestick then follow this method. As they don’t stop the services but by changing the URL. your pair will stop working.

Fix https:/// Not Working Problem

The perfect solution to fix vev Io pair is the stream authorization method. Because until the pairing of the device, you will always get the error. So just follow the simple steps which are given below-

  • Very first, you have to open the “Google chrome or the Mozilla Firefox” in the advanced browser
  • After that, you have to enter the URL( in the given space and need o to enter the button. Now you can directly load t the official website of the vev io pair.
  • Now you will get the option of the pair which is basically given on the home screen. But first, you have to undergo the verification process (Fix Captcha) that will be given above the activate Streaming option.
  • Once you have completed the verification process then you need to click on the “Activate Streaming” button just for the pairing.
  • Then your IP will get registered and after that, you will get the message that your device has paired with the 3rd party. And in this way, the process of pairing is complete.

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So this is the way through which your can work without having any kind of error or the problem. Now after 4 hours, you need to undergo the above method again just to enjoy the online streaming.