1. Can I edit my videos on YtMp4?

A. No, you can’t edit your videos on the website, but edit them after downloading to your system using Video editors like Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro and Loom.

2. Can I upload my edited videos on YTBTOMP4?

A. No, You can’t upload your edited videos on YTBTOMP

3. How long does it take for YTBTOMP4 to process my videos?

It depends on the size of your videos and the number of videos you have selected to convert & download. The processing time varies from 1 minute to several hours.

4. What is the difference between SD and UHD videos?

SD stands for standard definition and is a common resolution used by television networks, The standard definition is lower quality and is 480p. HD or high definition has better video quality and is 1080p or 720p.

5. How do I know if the video quality is good?

If you can see the picture clearly, you can consider that the video quality is good. If you cannot see the image clearly, you can assume that the video quality is terrible.